Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

 Church Partnerships

CEF of Lancaster County relies on local church partnerships in order to reach every child in Lancaster County with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We not only want children to know Jesus and live for Him, but to receive on-going, spiritual nourishment. We are blessed to have numerous Bible-believing churches right here in our community that are ready to welcome children and their families. Good News Club and JYC are a great outreach ministries for local churches!

What is a Church Partner?

CEF® has a 3-part purpose:

  1. Evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Disciple children in the Word of God.
  3. Establish children to a local, Bible-believing church.

A partner church is crucial to fulfilling that third purpose. The role of the church is 4-fold:

  1. Pray for the children, volunteers and school.
  2. Financially support the club.
  3. Provide volunteers to serve in the club.
  4. Welcome unchurched children and their families.

Good News Club® meets one day a week for a total of 14 times throughout the school year. Children need a place where they can be spiritually fed and grow in their understanding of their relationship with Christ during the weeks that they do not attend club. Perhaps the most vital role of a partner church is in connecting families to a place where they can worship and learn about God year round. Is your church interested in becoming such a place and having its very own Good News Club or JYC? Contact Kathleen Walter for more information at kwalter@ceflancaster.org.

Become a Church Partner

A private CEF of Lancaster County donor recently said, “I can’t imagine any Bible-believing church in Lancaster County hearing about what CEF does and not choosing to partner with this ministry!” We couldn’t agree more! Each Good News Club requires a church partner. If there is an elementary school located near your church that does not currently have a Good News Club, your church could be the one to start a new club – how exciting! You simply need at least five committed volunteers who are willing to complete all of the necessary background checks and required trainings, financial support that will come due in September and January (don’t worry, God will provide!) and a select crew of prayer warriors who will pray for the children, volunteers and school itself.

Once your church becomes a partner, there are unlimited ideas available to you. You can promote any and all of your children’s ministry events to your Good News Club children, host a Good News Club Sunday or party club at your church or have your pastor come speak to the children in your club. Set up prayer partners who pray for each child by name and their specific requests. We will even provide a Partner Church Manual to help spark your creativity.

If your church is ready to partner with CEF of Lancaster County, contact Kathleen Walter at kwalter@ceflancaster.org to make it official.

Training for Your Church

CEF of Lancaster County can help equip your church staff and/or volunteers to better reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have developed proven methods of teaching and are happy to share these with you to support your efforts in sharing the Good News with children. We can either host your church members at our office in East Petersburg or come to your location – whatever is most convenient. One of our most requested trainings is the Wordless Book training allowing members of your congregation to learn how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with children of all ages. We have also learned what works and what doesn’t with behavioral management in today’s world and know how to help children focus on what really matters. Contact Melinda Grant at mgrant@ceflancaster.org to schedule your on-site training today!

How Can I Get Involved?

There are several opportunities to be involved with a Good News Club. You can pray for the children and teachers in the club. Become a club teacher or helper by contacting your local chapter and asking about training and opportunities.