Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

Sponsor a Good News Club

Good News Clubs are after-school, Bible-based clubs held in public elementary schools located throughout Lancaster County. Children in K-6th grades are dismissed to Good News Club directly from their classrooms at the end of the school day where they receive a snack, share prayer requests, recite memory verses, sing songs, learn a new Bible verse, hear an applicable Bible lesson, listen to a missionary story, play games and review their daily devotional books together. While these clubs are run by trained volunteers, there are many costs associated to continue offering this FREE club to children.

If you are interested in fully or partially funding a Good News Club, contact Kathleen Walter at kwalter@ceflancaster.org. We don’t know how long the door to the public school will be open and want to reach every child with the Good News of Jesus Christ while we can!

How Can I Get Involved?

There are several opportunities to be involved with a Good News Club. You can pray for the children and teachers in the club. Become a club teacher or helper by contacting your local chapter and asking about training and opportunities.