Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day



Team Leader:
Responsible for managing the Good News Club team of volunteers including recruiting, overseeing and encouraging the team. Lead team meetings. Serve as the primary contact between the Good News club, school, partner church and CEF of Lancaster County office.

Administrative Assistant:
Responsible for organizing all Good News Club materials and paperwork including background clearances for volunteers. Renew materials for Wonder Groups as needed. Submit statistics to the CEF of Lancaster County office each month club is in session

Bible Teacher:
Responsible for teaching the Bible lesson including a presentation of the Gospel with an invitation each week for children to learn more about God’s plan of salvation or to ask any questions.

Teacher Assistants:
Responsible for leading singing, teaching the Bible verse, or sharing provided missionary information and stories. These assistants may also serve in another role such as Prayer Coordinator or Wonder Group Leader.

Wonder Group Leaders:
Responsible for leading, nurturing and mentoring a small group of no more than six children. Leaders disciple students in learning to spend daily time with God and sit with their small group throughout the club. Wonder Group Leaders may also lead the Game for their group.

Wonder Book Checker:
Responsible for reviewing completed Wonder Books, makes helpful, encouraging notations, adds stickers, etc. Keeps the Team Leader informed of the club’s progress.

Responsible for reviewing the Gospel with children to check for understanding when a child professes belief in Jesus as savior. Clarify misunderstandings and respond to questions children may have. Counselors are led by a Counseling Coordinator who will divide the children based on their stated reason to come for counseling.

Prayer Coordinator:
Responsible for gathering prayer requests from Wonder Group Leaders each week and sending them to the Partner Church, CEF Children’s Ministry Specialist, CEF office and Good News Club team of volunteers.

Refreshment Coordinator:
Responsible for coordinating the snack each week and getting it to club. The Refreshment Coordinator may also be in charge of preparing take-home bags for the children.


How Can I Get Involved?

There are several opportunities to be involved with a Good News Club. You can pray for the children and teachers in the club. Become a club teacher or helper by contacting your local chapter and asking about training and opportunities.